The Astrochymist

An incredibly resource maintained by Dr. David Woon.  Includes updated lists of molecules in space, astrochemistry publications, and upcoming conferences of interest, among other things.

The Astrochemical Newsletter

A monthly compilation of astrochemistry publications delivered to your inbox.  Relies on user submissions, so use the provided form to alert them to your work!  Edited by Pierre Gratier, Marcelino Agúndez, Mathieu Bertin, Edith Fayolle, and Valentine Wakelam

The AstroPAH Newsletter

Each month, AstroPAH publishes the abstracts of newly accepted papers, thesis, and dissertations relevant to the world of interstellar PAHs. Sections dedicated to job announcements and meetings are also included, as well as a "Picture of the Month" (used for the cover of AstroPAH) and the "In Focus" section (a special article about any topic relevant to the PAH research).

American Chemical Society Astrocheminars

The Astrochemistry Subdivision of the American Chemical Society hosts occasional Astrocheminars.  Their website has the current schedule, and we'll make announcements on the Chalkboard when we know an upcoming speaker!

Use the GBT - An Astrochemical Powerhouse!

The Green Bank Telescope is an open skies telescope and an incredibly powerful instrument for astrochemistry.  Two proposal calls a year!

Visit Green Bank (and the GBT)!

The Green Bank Observatory is open to visitors from both scientists and the general public. They have a wonderful science center, fantastic tours, and a beautiful site to walk around.  Check them out!